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Pool Building Process

Infinity Custom Pools specializes in custom pool design and construction in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres and surrounding areas in Lee County. You deserve a pool that will last for decades. You want something well-designed and built, with high quality materials - not some cheaply made assembly line pool that only comes in certain shapes and sizes! At Infinity Custom Pools we put satisfaction above all else because our goal is to design pools tailored specifically towards YOU so they’re perfect in every way...from size down to functionality.

Pool construction process

Our Pool Construction Process

We know that pools can be a huge investment, but they're also one of the most rewarding additions you can make to your home. That's why we want to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible for you. We'll take care of everything, from designing the perfect pool for your needs to installing it and landscaping around it. You'll love spending time by your new pool - and so will your friends and family.

We Are With You Every Step Of The Way!

Infinity Custom Pools is here to help! We'll guide you through every step of the process, from design and construction to landscaping and screening. You'll never feel lost or out of the loop - we want you to be happy with your finished pool, and we'll do everything in our power to make that happen.

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Step 1: Pre-Construction Meeting

About 1 week before we being construction of your pool we will have a pre-construction meeting. During this meeting we will finalize any details of the pool you may have been deciding on an go over the pool construction process so you know exactly what to expect.

Step 2: Scalp, Layout, Dig & Steel

The second step of the process involves preparing the pool by gaining access to your yard and scalping off the build area. This might include removal of sod or patios where the pool will be installed. Once that is complete we will layout where the pool will go and start digging out for the pool. After the pool is dug out we will install all the forms and metal rebar to add strength for the pools concrete. At this time we will also rough in plumbing that goes through or under the pools concrete. Once all that is complete we are ready for our first inspection to ensure everything we have done meets local building codes.

Step 3: Gunite

After we have passed our inspection with the local building inspector we start shooting gunite. This is when your new pool starts to actually look like a pool and are able to better visualize how awesome your new pool is going to be.

Step 4: Strip & Grade

Once the gunite has been able to dry and start to cure we will strip away all the forms and do the rough grading around the pool to fill in around the base of the pool. At this stage there will still be areas of the back yard with trenches need to run the plumbing.

Step 5: Pool Plumbing

Once we have the forms stripped away and some dirt moved around the base of the pool we finish running all the plumbing. During this step we also pressure test all the plumbing connections and the plumbing inspected if required by local building codes. Once that is complete we will finish the rough grading of dirt around the pool.

Step 6: Footers & Pool Equipment Pad

The next step of the process is pouring concrete footers and the concrete pad that the pool equipment will sit on. This step prepares us to start constructing whatever pool decking you have chosen. Whether you chose pavers or tile we will put down the base for that at this time as well.

Step 7: Pool Equipment Delivery & Installation

Once the equipment pad has had time to dry and start to cure we will install all of your pool equipment. This includes your filtrations system, pool pump, chlorination systems, as well as controllers for lights, waterfalls, deck jets and other pool accessories.

Step 8: Coping & Tile

We are ready to install coping and tile. Coping is the transition piece that goes between your pool decking and the pool water line. The tile that we install at this stage is any accent tile inside of the pool or around water or fire features.

Step 9: Paver Deck Installation

Whether you chose pave stones, tile or some other type of decking around your pool we will install that at this stage of the pool building process.

Step 10: Cage Measure

If you have elected to have a screen enclosure around your pool, we will measure for that enclosure at this time and order the all the materials, doors and screening for that part of the build process.

Step 11: Electrical Hookup

At this stage we will have our electrician make all the electrical connections this includes getting power from your main electrical breaker box out to the pool pump area. Once the electrician has made the connections they will be inspected by local building inspectors. This includes bonding the water lines to the pool. Bonding is the process of grounding the water in the pool to the earth protect against electrical shock from metal particles in the water.

Step 12: Cage Installation

At this point things are really coming together and it won't be long before you are jumping in to your new pool. We will install the screen enclosure framing, any doors and the screening material at this time.

Step 13: Final Grading

The final grading is done at this time which prepares your yard for sod or landscaping around the outside of your pool as well as the access area to your backyard we used to construct your pool.

Step 14: Pool Plaster

At this stage we plaster the pool this is the final finish that is applied to the pool and prepares it for filling it with water once it has cured.

Step 15: Pool Fill & Startup

This is when the magic happens! You transition from a pretty hole in the ground to a swimming pool with the addition of water. We also get all your pool equipment setup and running for you and get all your pool chemicals in to the pool and get the pool ready for swimming.

Step 16: Final Inspections

We get our final inspection from the local building inspector and you can start using the pool with your family and friends.

Cape Coral pool company reviews

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We are overjoyed with our new pool, pool cage and landscaping that was put in by Infinity Custom Pools. The whole process great. They talked us through each option we were considering and made suggestions to give us a perfect pool for our family.

  • Rectangle Pool
  • Paver Pool Decking
  • Water Feature
  • Screen Enclosure
Sue Childress
Cape Coral, Florida

Infinity Custom Pools gave us the pool we have always wanted. They were easy to work with and got our pool project done on time and most importantly... on budget! We love our tanning ledge and paver pool deck. Highly recommend Chase and all the guys that built our pool.

  • Rectangle Pool
  • Tanning Ledge
  • Paver Pool Deck
  • Bubblers In Tanning Ledge
Brian Wallace
Fort Myers, Florida